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Our School Playing A Big Role In Our Life!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

For a student, school is always two things. Firstly, it is a temple where knowledge is imparted to us by God in the form of our dearest teachers. Secondly, it is a student's second home, for they spend a considerable amount of their childhood here. Here teachers are like our parents, who teach us critical life skills and values and help us grow from a child to an adult. Our schools play an essential role in our lives in learning, discipline, value building, and socializing.

From the day we set foot in these temples of knowledge to the day when we depart from them, we unknowingly keep receiving knowledge from there. Our school prepares us to deal with the real world. It takes us to the edges of our comfort zone, constantly pushing us forward and motivating us to be the best at whatever we do to stand out from the crowd. It teaches us the importance of never settling for mediocrity but instead striving to do our best and pushing our limits to excel. The school uniform we wear so proudly to school is a symbol of our unity; barriers of caste, creed, and religion never exist. Throughout my journey in school, I have always been taught by my excellent teachers the importance of valuing what I have. Personally, among the subjects I love are English, Math, and History. Even though Science has always been challenging for me, leaving me sleepy, frustrated, and tired. I've learned that, in the end, it's all about going through the grind. Marks, though necessary, do not define a person. Anyone can copy and get marks in exams, but will that help us? Only when you put effort into what you're doing is when you understand how important it truly is. My school has always ensured that sports never takes a backseat to studies since they keep encouraging us to join various school teams and participate in multiple sports events. When it comes to reading, my school does not compromise since they have set up a sound library for us students. Do you'll remember how we used to have all those school projects where we would all fight over ideas and opinions like cats and dogs?

These projects taught us how to respect perspectives, the importance of a team, and make friends that last forever. In some cases, they even taught us how to accept failure when the project was an incomplete, messed-up, decorated piece of cardboard. Here we even learned that things like leading a group or being a captain are the initial steps in bringing out the hidden leadership qualities within us. Today when I look back and think, I give most of the credit to my school for what I am today. They taught me what is wrong and what is right and helped me grow as a human being both physically and mentally, carefully guiding me and keeping me out of harm's way. And that is why I'm forever grateful to my school for everything it provided me. It has indeed played a significant role in shaping my life.

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