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The Mind Is Master Of The Body

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Yes, the mind is indeed the master of the body even though we use only about 10% of it ……… but did you know that even though it may be the master, you still have complete control over it?

It is our choice to make, whether we want to control it or be a slave to it.

You control your mind, but your mind regulates your words and actions.

What you think and believe determines your future.

You have already partially achieved most of your goals once you have thought of yourself achieving them mentally.

It cannot be put more simply than,

Your Thoughts become your Words, and your words become your Actions.

Your goal is like a seed that must be planted into your mind firmly and must be nurtured.

Your goals will only unfold before your eyes if you believe in them without any doubts in your mind.

This is because

Success begins in the fellows will…. it is all in the state of mind.

What you think is what you attract towards yourself.

If you think negative, then you will attract negativity but if you think positive, you will attract positivity.

People blame circumstances for what they become, but there are no circumstances!

It’s only what we bring upon ourselves by what we think.

We, humans, are like boats sailing without any destination in mind. We need to have a goal in mind and work towards it if we want to get anywhere in life.

Now think about it for a second, why do successful people continue to be successful?

This is because they have a goal in mind, a target to work towards, which they believe they can attain no matter what.

The key to success is first understanding what it is.

Success is the feeling attained by a person doing a job deliberately because he always wanted to do it.

The Strangest Secret ever is that there is no secret to success.

Just like in the movie Kung Fu Panda! There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you believing that there is one which makes it even more amazing.

And this is why very few people understand it.

We become what we think about.

And that is the scary deciding factor in life because

The key to success is the same as the key to failure.

Both depend solely on what we think we will become.

If you think you will be successful, then you will be, but if you think that you will fail, there is nothing that can save you from the inevitable failure that you have brought upon yourself.

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