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Your life ain't a joke

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Whoever does not respect life does not deserve it.

-Leonardo da Vinci.

From a very young age, we are taught to respect our elders, teachers, friends, etc.

But have you ever felt the need to respect that priceless soul and body given to you by the unknown powers of the universe?

Sometimes don't you feel the need to sit back and enjoy or express gratitude towards yourself?

To some, this may sound weird today but mark my words, "Self-respect and gratitude are the keys to success, whether it is physically or mentally."

Unless you don't learn to credit yourself for something good that you've done, you will never be able to impart this feeling to your fellow people.

You only respect yourself when you believe in yourself and prove to yourself are worthy of that respect.

It all begins with believing in yourself.

In today's world, unless you believe in yourself and respect yourself, you will not be appreciated or looked up to by many.

So give yourself some credit and thank yourself for whom you've transformed into today, for though the journey may be rough, the destination always makes it worth the trip.

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